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Acreage Contract, non-GMO Soybean Premium Program

We're actively seeking growers in your area

As a grower based in the Midwest, we would like to connect you to a new competitive acreage contract premium program in your area. Mercaris ia again partnering with Benson Hill, a business focused on delivering superior seeds including the eMerge Genetics portfolio of non-GMO soybean varieties, is looking for growers willing to plant their high oleic, Ultra High Protein and Low Linolenic, non-GMO soybeans for the 2022 growing season. 
Mercaris is working with Benson Hill to identify interested growers and are seeking growers with the ability to grow 100 acres or more of non-GMO eMerge soybeans for the upcoming growing season.

Interested growers must meet the following criteria:

  • Located within regions that can grow soybeans with 2.3 to 4.2 maturity

Contract highlights:

  • Full take/Act of God, acreage contract 
  • Non-GMO – eMerge variety specific (maturity zones 2.3 – 4.8) 
  • Buyer’s call AND Harvest, elevator movement 
  • +15% over Jan ’22 CBOT, delivered 
  • +20% for Ultra High Protein over Jan ‘22 CBOT
  • Protein Premium of $0.10 per % with no cap nor penalty over 45%
  • On-farm storage premium beginning Jan ’22 at $0.06 per bushel per month
  • Farmer is responsible for first 45 Miles of the delivery. Benson Hill is responsible for the remainder. 
  • FOB Options available.
  • Planting Seed and seed treatment at no charge.


Grower Insight

“Soybean farmers are always looking for options to enhance competitiveness and profitability. At Grimm Farms, we’re open to trying new things to meet customer demand and preferences. We must continue looking down every row and across every acre for ways to optimize returns during these challenging economic times.”  

– Jordon Grimm, ISA Farmer Member, West Bend, Iowa 

    If you are interested in this opportunity and you meet the stated criteria, please fill out the below form.  If you prefer to speak to someone directly first, please call  (301) 476-1672.

    If you are eligible, the contracting agent from Benson Hill will be in touch with more details, this could take up to two weeks due to the queue of growers we're actively working through. 

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